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Bone Grafting dental implants

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Bone Grafting


Bone grafting is done to treat many dental problems.  Patients with periodontitis need bone grafting to decrease periodontal pockets, both vertical and horiontal bone loss. Patients with hopeless teeth due to fracture or gum disease may need to be extracted.  Some patients will have enough bone to do an immediate implant into the extraction site.  Others will requir bone grafting along with implant placment, and still others will have no room at all for dental implant placement and will require bone grafting without implant placment to build up the bone height and width for the eventual placement of a dental implant.  There are various types of bone and we will inform you as to which type of bone is necessary to correct your bone defect.

Bone grafting is also used after removal of a bone defect such as a cyst.  Once a lesion like a cyst is removed, a void exists in the bone.  Bone grafting will aid in healing and in  making sure you have the proper volume of bone in these areas.  Bone grafting along with tissue treatment with platelet rich fibrin also expedite the healing response so that you are brought back to normal bone topography.

Patients may also  need bone grafting when they have worn away bone from wearing dentures for long periods of time.  The bone shrinks and is no longer stable enough to secure a denture.  Bone is added to make the denture more secure and to regain the bony topography that existed before extractions.

We also do bone grafting in the maxillary sinus, if needed, to increase vertical height for dental implant placement.  Today this is a common procedure.  If you require this type of treatment we will go over all the mechanics of this bone grafting technique.


Hackettstown Dentist. Dr. Richard Cleave DMD FAGD provides Bone Grafting, dental implants to patients suffering from in Independence Township, Washington Township, Mansfield Township, Mt. Olive Township. Independence Township Dentist providing Bone Grafting in Hackettstown, New Jersey.