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Gingival - Gum Grafting


Over vigorous brushing with even a soft bristle brush, periodontal disease, and muscle attachments that are close or on the attached gingiva can all cause what is termed a Muco Gingival Defect.   This loss of keratinized attached gingival lessens the support apparatus on the tooth/teeth thereby creating slight mobility.  We also notice gum recession and exposure of the root structure called cementum. Fibers of this attachment apparatus craddle the tooth in the socket and are part of the peridontal ligament.  This weakening of the tooth and the pain that is seen when the cuff no longer exists and allows bacteria to migrate under the gum line is probematic and should be corrected before there is excessive root structure abrasion.  

A "Free Gingival Graft" restores this attached gingiva and is routinely taken from the roof of the mouth, the palatal tissue.  The palate would be the donar site and the site of the defect is the recipient site.  Surgical preparation allows this palatal tissue to be regained in this procedure.  This is a common procedure with an extremely high incidence of success.

Once you have major recession and loss of attached gingival with root structure showing, a "Connective Tissue Graft" is th procedure of choice to regain attached gingiva and also to cover the exposed root structure.  The procedure is similar except connective tissue is harvested from the palate and the recipient site surgery varies somewhat.   

We will discuss these treatment option with you so that you understand the importance of keeping the gum topography in order to prevent loosing teeth due to these very treatable soft tissue defects.