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Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are about half the size in diameter of a regular dental implant. This offers many benefits, and they can also be used in situations where regular implants cannot. If an implant needs to be placed in a narrow space, mini implants are the preferred method because of their smaller size.

A main use for mini implants is in the stability of full upper or lower dentures. A series of mini implants (4-6) are placed in the bone in the front part of the jaw. These have small round retentive components built right into the implant. Then we place a metal housing with a rubber retentive component within that will securely attach the denture to the jaws.

The small size of mini implants often, but not always, means that no incision needs to be made to place the implants. They can often be inserted right through the gum into the bone. This eliminates the need for a prolonged recovery period, and the restoration can usually be placed right away or only a short time after.

Many cases though do need open surgery where the gums have to be pulled away from the narrow bone to allow for a ramp to be cut on the bone to be wide enough for the surgical placement of the implants. When this is done the patient will not be able to wear their prosthsis with the inserts immediately. We need to have soft tissue healing to be complete before the attachement to the denture can be performed.

Mini implants are also less expensive than regular implants. Only your implant dentist knows if mini implants are right for you. Call for your consultation today if your lower denture wobbles considerably and needs to have a great deal of adhesive to retain stability daily. Lower dentures are usually the unstable denture and needs the most help in retention. Five mini implants can stabilize a lower denture substantially. Call us for a consultation if you are having these issues at (908) 852-2215.

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