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Osseous Surgery - Pocket Reduction Surgery


Sometimes the effects of periodontal disease create permanent changes in the tooth and gum structure that will cause issues in the future. Enlarged gum pockets between the tooth and the gum line are common after having moderate or advanced gum disease. Sometimes these gaps are not cosmetic in nature, and affect the appearance of the gums. More commonly, the gaps put the teeth at future risk for tooth and gum disease, as they are just one more place that plaque and bacteria can collect. Pocket reduction surgery is designed to thwart the after effects of periodontal disease and restore your mouth to a healthy state.

The goal of periodontal surgery to gain access to the tooth root and to clean the damaged areas and keeping the keratinized attached gingva intact for it to re-attach to the root structure, cementum.  Removing the plaque and repositioning gum tissue leaves a larger space (embrasure) between the gum and the tooth which can be nouisance with impacted food, but the area will be much easier to clean and keep the area disease free.  Bone grafting with guided tissue regneration with platelet rich fibrin or absorbable collagen is also done in conjunction with periodontal pocket reduction surgery.  The bone grafting can make these spaces between the teeth, the embrasures, less likely to impact food.  

Hackettstown Dentist | Osseous Surgery / Pocket Reduction. Richard Cleave DMD FAGD is a Hackettstown Dentist.