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Pediatric Dentistry

Our office welcomes children of all ages. We treat your children as if they were our children. Treatment that we have done on numerous appointments are sealants, cavity preparation and fillings, pulpotomies with stainless steel crowns, kiddy partials for the premature loss of primary teeth to fill the missing tooth areas especially in the front of the upper jaw.

Dr. Cleave also routinely does sedation on children usually with Ketamine or Intra-Nasal Versed. We also have all 6 of our operatories set up with Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) usage. The children are monitored for non invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, capnometry, pulse, temperature, and respiratory rate.

Dr. Cleave has been doing moderate sedation since 1993. Sedation is only done as the last resort. We always start with communication to calm the child so that treatment can often be done with only local anesthesia. If this is not successful then the office utilizes nitrous oxide and oxygen to relax the child. This is called Nitrous Oxide Analgesia becauese the gas does have some pain controlling features.

As a last resort we will use IM Ketamine based on the weight of the child. This medication is a dissociative drug and works well with children. It also has a strong amnesic effect so that your chilren will not remember the treatment they receive.

We would love to see and treat your children. Also remember that Dr. Goldkind is our office Orthodontist. He treats both children and adults that require braces.

Please feel free to bring your children to the office for examinations and treatment.

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