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Periodontal Treatment - Gum Treatment

Many patients have the beginning of periodontal disease. Gum disease is a progressive disease that starts off as gingivitis. Gingivitis is inflammation and bleeding of your gums without any associated bone loss around your teeth. When bone loss is observed radiographically and via probing with a periodontal probe, Periodontitis now exists. Periodontitis is a progressive disease that has categories based on the amount of bone loss that exists. Twenty percent (20%) or less bone loss is categorized as Early Periodontitis; twenty to fifty percent of bone loss is termed Moderate Periodontitis; greater than fifty percent bone loss is categorized as Advanced Periodontitis. Advanced Periodontitis will have mobile teeth that will need extration. Treatment of Moderate Periodontitis consists on deep scaling and root planing along with areas that would requre periodontal surgery including pocket elimination and bone grafting. All treatment modalites to your gum treatment will be discussed with you at length prior to surgical gum treatment intervention.

Once treatment is begun it is imperative that periodtonal maintenance be performed to keep gum disease from recurring. Periodontal maintenance is performed regularly and include charting of pockets and deep scaling and root planing to remove calcium phosphate salts known as tartar and the bacterial plaque that is actually the real active component of Periodontitis. These bacteria are often different among patients. Some bacteria are much more aggressive and require different treatment with chemotherapeutic agents. We will explain what is required and control your periodontal disease with your home care which is very important in this process. Patients must be partners with the dentist is controlling this disease. There is never a complete cure for this disease. Both patient and dentist have to work togethetr to keep your gums healthy. Regular maintenance is the key to this obligation.

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