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Platelet Rich Fibrin, PRF

Medical research has demonstrated that using our own blood cells, accelerates healing and tissue regeneration in all forms of surgery. Specifically, platelets, plasma, and white blood cells are used for this procedure. The protein that is carried by the platelets is the magic ingredient that is being used in our office settings for wound healing and various surgical procedures, including bone grafting, dental implants, closure of communication between the maxillary sinus and the oral cavity, and other routine oral surgical procedures.

We use innovative procedures in our office, we routinely use platelet rich fibrin (PRF) in oral surgeries that involve hard and soft tissues. We draw venous blood from our patients and then centrifuge the blood over a 25 minute period. This separates the plasma, red blood cells, and platelet rich fibrin. We extract the fibrin and prepare it to be transplanated into the surgical site. We also us the plasma for soft tissue healing before and after bone grafting or implant placement. The addtion of your own cells helps to increase the healing of the area and allows stabilization of the surgical site.

One thing that will always inhibit any healing, whether we use your own cells or not for healing, is SMOKING. Smokers are at a high risk of causing a complete collapse of the surgical area and will often cause the need for additional surgery to repair what has been destroyed by the tars associated with smoking. Please do not smoke while your surgical site is healing. If you can't stop smoking then you should not be considered for these types of surgeries.

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