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Scaling & Root Planing


Scaling and root planing is a nonsurgical procedure that uses an ultrasonic scaler with a chemotherapeutic agent called Chorhexidine.  This part of the procedure is called "gross debridement" amd removes much of the tartar and plaque and literally kills 99% of the bacteria above and below the gum line.

Hand instruments are then used on each tooth to take off any residual debris.  The instruments also take off a small layer of the root structure, cementum, which has been contaminated by bacterial toxins.

A prophylaxis or polishing is then done to smooth the tooth surfaces so that they are not prone to immediate reattachment of tartar and plaque.  After a prophy a fluoride treatment is advantageous for preventive measures to strenghtnen the tooth.  Fluoride is also bacteriostatic as well.

When periodontal pockets become so deep that scaling and root planning can't do the proper job to control periodontal disease, then surgical procedures need to be considered to allow for proper professional and home care.  Your doctor will point out the types of treatments that may be necessary such as pocket reduction surgery with or without bone grafting or a chemotherapeutic regimine to suit your gum condition.

As a non-surgical procedure, scaling and planing is usually performed without any local anesthesia, in the dentist’s office. While the procedure is usually painless, advanced stages of gingivitis may make it necessary to numb the area for complete comfort.