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Independence Dental Associates, LLC | Sedation FAQ in Hackettstown

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Sedation Facts


Who is a candidate for sedation?

If you have anxiety or fear about going to the dentist you are a candidate for sedation dentistry. If you have a fear of pain, have had a traumatic dental experience in the past, or the sounds and smells of a dental office make you sick or nauseous, sedation dentistry can help you get over your anxiety.

Some people have physical reasons, like a bad gag reflex or very sensitive teeth, which make them a candidate for sedation dentistry as well. If you are not sure if you are a candidate ask us.

Will I be unconscious?

Not really, but you will be in a deep state of relaxation during your treatment. You will still be able to breathe on your own and communicate when asked a question, but you will not feel any pain or anxiety.  Sometimes this deep state of relaxation causes you to fall asleep due to the simultaneous delivery of Nitrous Oxide.  You often will not even remember the procedure afterwards.

How long will I be sedated?

Sedation can last from about 2-6 hours after the IV line has been removed and you depart for home with your escort.   This is also dependent on the strength of sedative you are given, whether the drugs are water soluble,  and how long your procedure takes.

Will I be monitored?

Yes, at all times during your sedation someone will be with you. We also monitor your vital signs which include blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, end tidal carbon dioxide (Capnometry), temperature, and respiratory rate to make sure every vital sign remains at a normal level. Safety is of the utmost importance to all of us at Independence Dental Associates.

Are there any long term effects of sedation?

No. You will feel a little groggy and "out of it" after sedation, but after a few hours you will feel like yourself again. You will need to have someone drive you home from your appointment in all cases that are sedated.

What procedures can be performed under sedation?

Just about any procedure can be performed with sedation. The sedation is not for the procedure itself, but for the anxiety that accompanies the procedure. Other drugs that are helpful to healing are prophylactic antibiotics, steroids for post surgical swelling, and pain killers (analgesics) to control post operative discomfort.  Due to the recent changes in dental insurance and "Obama Care" we have seen that many insurance companies will not cover moderate sedation unless you  are having oral surgery.  This is not 100% true for all insurance companies.  We will have to get permission from your insurance company for certain treatment modalities accompanied with sedation. 

How many appointments will I need to complete my dental work?

We will inform you how many sedation appointments you will need to complete your treatment.  Certainly this is relative to how much dental work you need to have done.   

Will my insurance cover sedation?

In most cases it will not be covered by your insurance provider unless oral surgery is part of your treatment.  We will review your insurance coverage and let you know if it is covered or not.  If it is not covered, we will let you know the cost.  All your treatment will be listed in a treatment plan with the fees for the services.  There can be changres to the treatment plan and if there are you will be notified immediately and your written treatment plan will be amended.